Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Helper!

It has been quite a while since we have updated Scotty's blog. Steve and I have been at reunions and Scotty has been enjoying Hawaii with his family. But, we are back and Scotty is back to work! Here are some pictures of how Scotty loves to help out!
Scotty is always willing to help. Brad came for an FHE service project with his dump truck and they headed off to help out an older lady with her yard. Scotty loved helping her out and of course, loved the ride in Brad's dump truck.

There is the Beautiful Man, right in the action!

Scotty offered to help me carry in the groceries the other day. I tried to help out but he marched me right to the couch and made me sit down and relax while he carried in all of the groceries! I love you Scotty! Thanks for your help!

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John and Melanie said...

Way to be a big helper buddy. You look good with that dump truck. Love ya you beautiful man!