Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Special Olympics

Scotty did a GREAT job at the Special Olympics this year. He competed in the 50 and 25 meter dashes as well as the Softball throw. Here he is being awarded the silver medal for the 50 meter dash. His time in this event was a personal best!

Go Scott Go!! The 50 meter dash.

Scotty was so happy to have his family there to cheer him on.

Softball Throw--4th place!!

Darin made it just in time to see Scotty receive the Bronze medal in the 25 meter dash!

Kissing Josh Filmore's head!

Baby Ben and the Burninghams cheering Scotty on!

Here is the long awaited video of Scotty dancing!! There was a stage set up at the Special Olympics for dancing so Scotty went up to show his moves!